Peruse below to find out more about our specialized services.

Private or Home Parties
Interested in having some fun mixing friends and plants? Have a private party! With seven or your friends or more, we’ll bring the entire workshop to your home (space permitting) or utilize a classroom specifically designated just for your group.

Your group will receive instruction with handouts and all basic miniature garden supplies (additional miniature materials for accessorizing may be purchased if desired). Participants are encouraged to bring their own container to match their decor and tastes, although appropriate containers are also available for purchase. The ideal container should be 12-14″ wide and 4-6″ deep, and can be a bowl, oval, or rectangular pot of any material. Duration is 3 hours (allow one hour setup and one hour takedown if in your home).

Custom Creations
Contact us to have a custom miniature garden made especially for you or as a gift. Let us design something for you based on your input, or pick out your own container, plants, and miniature accessories and we’ll plant it up. Allow one week lead time (2 weeks during holidays). Local pickup only.

Play Dates
If you wish to add an extra special touch and personally make a holiday or special occasion gift for someone, or if you’d like to create a garden for yourself, schedule a “play date”. We’ll have fun playing together, with you doing the creating and us guiding you through the process with as much help as you need. You get to pick out your plants and miniatures, and the end result is something you can say YOU made.

We also do demo-style speaking engagements for gardens clubs, women’s groups, etc. A 1-hour presentation includes a Powerpoint presentation, demo, and Q&A. Cost is dependent upon number of participants and whether a raffle for the demo project is desired.